EP Please Read This For Me - 2011

Please Read This For Me

Keep It Quiet

Out There

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CD Mainland Sailors - 2009
    <a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/album/mainland-sailors">I Can't Believe It Rains by wotienke</a> I canít believe it rains
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/skip-the-present">Skip the Present by wotienke</a> Skip the present
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/commuter">Commuter by wotienke</a> Commuter
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/remarkable-preoccupations">Remarkable Preoccupations by wotienke</a> Remarkable preoccupations
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/your-moves">Your Moves by wotienke</a> Your moves
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/repetition">Repetition by wotienke</a> Repetition
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/snap">Snap by wotienke</a> Snap
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/this-years-thought">This Year's Thought by wotienke</a> This yearís thought
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/indifference">Indifference by wotienke</a> Indifference
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/let-go">Let Go by wotienke</a> Let go
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/sleep">Sleep by wotienke</a> Sleep

Acoustic Live Recordings - 2009
    <a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/this-years-thought-acoustic">This Year's Thought - acoustic by wotienke</a> This year's thought
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/commuter-acoustic">Commuter - acoustic by wotienke</a>Commuter
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/i-cant-believe-it-rains-acoustic">I Can't Believe it Rains - acoustic by wotienke</a>I can't believe it rains
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/skip-the-present-acoustic">Skip the Present - acoustic by wotienke</a>Skip the present
<a href="http://wotienke.bandcamp.com/track/remarkable-preoccupations-acoustic">Remarkable Preoccupations - acoustic by wotienke</a>Remarkable Preoccupations
EP - 2006
    Wishing Well
Open End
Your Moves
Can't believe it rains
live - 2005
This year's thought
Demo - 2005
    Your Moves
Pisen pro tebe
Demo - 2003
    Open end
Pollock's Perception
I still think so
Demo - 2001
    Les jours en aout
Slipping (Cover Strife)
Conspiracy theory
This year's thought